About Satyr

Satyr is an advanced, lightweight database created from Minimal.db for an enhanced LambdaMOO 1.8.1 server. New user accounts can be created from the login screen. Administrators are free to expand and change the database and its code.

Satyr Documentation

Download Satyr

Download: Satyr Database (29 KB)

Download: Satyr Source Code (10 KB)

Download: LambdaMOO_Centaur-1.8.1.tar.gz (388 KB)

Documentation: Satyr Command Guide (Plain Text)

Be sure to create a bin directory in the same directory as the executable and databases for filerun() to work.

To login to the database for the first time, the user is admin and the password is PASSWORD.


Please read the comments especially at the top of each of these files as they contain important installation instructions.

Download: Disk Access Module (18 KB) Documentation

Download: Building & Movement Module (13 KB) Documentation

Download: Binary Conversion Module (9 KB) Documentation

Download: Network Interface Module (3 KB) Documentation

Download: Editor Interface Module (17 KB) Documentation

Download: Online Help Module (10 KB) Documentation

Additional files for the Online Help Module can be found in the Help directory.

Module objects may be placed in a list-type property on a user object, $user.modules

New server commands can be added to a module object as opposed to $admin and $user.

Administrators can set modules for all and/or individual users.

If the module is not found in a user's .modules property, the verbs on it will not work for that user.

The Satyr.db database is intended to run with the LambdaMOO_Centaur server package available here.

The full installation script (to be applied to a Minimal.db) is included in the Satyr Source Code package in Satyr.v.